Here at Chimps Inc, our goal is to make sure that the chimps are happy. Sometimes, when we think about all that these chimps went through in their previous lives; exploitation, cruelty, confusion, abandonment, loneliness; we are amazed at their resilience. (Learn more about a chimpanzee’s experience in captivity.) Despite everything, these chimps are still able to come together in their new family to play, love, relax, and have fun. When groups are joined together, the chimps greet each other as friends. When Thiele is done relaxing with Topo and her sister Patti, she enjoys a grooming session with Herbie or tickles Jackson. When Jackson is ready to play he wrestles with CJ or finds a volunteer to prank and laughs.

Chimps Inc may be far from the rainforests of Africa, where chimpanzees live wild but the chimpanzees at Chimps Inc still have a lot of freedom and many reasons to be happy. Because it makes all of us happy to see them happy, all of the Chimps Inc residents will be participating in the #100HappyDays challenge (with a little help from their humans of course). Haven’t heard of this challenge? For the next 100 days we’ll be posting a photo each day of something that makes a chimp happy!

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