2015 Campaigns and Goals

Get excited about our 2015 ideas, goals, and campaigns, and learn how you can help make them come true!


Green Laundry CampaignWashing machine

Did you know that Chimps Inc. goes through about 15 loads of laundry per day? Our current washing machines use about 40 gallons of water per load, so that comes out to a whopping 600 gallons of water per day on laundry alone! What a waste!

To stay true to our conservation mission, 2015 marks the kick off of our Green Laundry Campaign, in an effort to raise funds for a high efficiency commercial washer and dryer so that we can reduce our environmental footprint and preserve our world’s natural resources. A high efficiency commercial washing machine uses approximately 30 – 50% less water, resulting in fewer gallons being heated. In addition, its faster spin speed extracts more water from each load of laundry, decreasing dryer time and using approximately 60% less energy.

Click here to make a donation towards our Green Laundry Campaign and help Chimps Inc. fulfill our promise to conserve the environment.


Aerial Tunnel Campaign

One of our favorite aspects of the sanctuary are the numerous aerial tunneltunnel 3s which connect all of our indoor and outdoor habitats, allowing the chimpanzees to easily shift from one enclosure to another, as well as explore and use the property to its fullest. These tunnels give them a spectacular view of the entire sanctuary and the surrounding mountains, and the chimps can often be seen making nests of blankets inside of them, just like they would in a canopy of trees in the wild. However, we are hoping to expand our aerial tunnels in an effort to give the chimps greater mobility, choice, and space.

Click here to make a donation towards our Aerial Tunnel Campaign, because seeing for miles is a luxury these chimps deserve.


Skype with a ChimpSkype

How many people can say that they’ve skyped with a chimpanzee? Be the first of your friends and family! Don’t miss out on our introductory offer of $75, and chill with the chimps from the comfort of your home!


Chow Down with the Chimps!

Though still undergoing development, this unique opportunity will let you come out to the sanctuary and enjoy lunch with the chimps! Stay tuned for more details as this idea develops!

CJ eating