A Quiet Afternoon With Topo, Patti & Thiele

A Quiet Afternoon With Topo, Patti & Thiele

It’s late afternoon and Thiele, Patti and Topo lounge inside, soaking up the warm rays of sun; protected from Bend’s chilly winter weather. I catch Thiele’s interest with bubbles, and she saunters over to me. She opens her mouth wide, bracing for the impact of wet bubbles on her big lips. Topo and Patti’s eyes fall shut, taking power naps in their cozy blankets.

Thiele grunts and tries to give me a plastic ruler, I can’t take it but I thank her anyway. Her red painted nails are still as pretty as ever; I guess she’s one of the few chimps that actually like looking at it more than eating it.

Patti opens her eyes and decides the bubbles are worth her time. Coming to the wire mesh, she looks at me and gives me a big grin. Thiele grabs a blanket and snuggles up with a still dozing Topo. Patti quickly loses interest then swings over to Topo and Thiele and momentarily grooms Topo until she is interrupted when the caretakers come in through the door. They all start grunting and whooping in excitement. They know what time it is… dinner!


Natalie O., Intern