A Spooky Day at Chimps Inc.

A Spooky Day at Chimps Inc.

Like lots of people all over the world, the chimps rang in Halloween with both tricks and treats!  Our amazing staff prepared a ghoulishly good time that would definitely earn the Great Pumpkin’s seal of approval.  The chimps enjoyed grape eyeballs, scarecrows with treats stuffed in their pockets, jack-o-lanterns filled with oatmeal and cranberry sauce, and even a spooky Halloween mask or two.

For Halloween, we stay away from the typical candies and chocolates in favor of more healthy snacks, like fresh fruits and veggies.  Because diabetes and obesity are both a concern for great apes in captivity, it’s very important that we follow this rule.  Another concern is that many Halloween sweets usually contain palm oil, the commercial cultivation of which lends to mass deforestation in both southeast Asian and equatorial African ecosystems.  We are committed to ecological preservation, 110%!

During this harvest season, we’d like to wish you warm nights, bountiful meals, the company of great friends, and a leaf pile or two for jumping into.  Pant boo’s from the chimps to you!

Check out all the fun the chimps had this Halloween in our photo album!


Monica S., Executive Assistant