In memory of Alfonz


It is with deep sadness in our hearts that we share with you the news of Alfonz’ passing.

Alfie, as he was affectionately known, was a real cat’s cat. He stalked the small prey that found its way into his enclosure with the graceful agility of a natural hunter. He enjoyed practicing his chasing skills with his human caregivers, who would run outside the perimeter of his enclosure while he followed them in excited pursuit from inside. During the winter, he loved playing in the snow, pouncing and jumping in it with the spirit of a kitten. We often imagined him as his Siberian lynx ancestors, roaming one of the wildest and grandest ecosystems on earth.

Over the last couple of days, Alfie had little interest in eating and looked uncomfortable. As the more robust of our two lynxes, we were surprised that he wasn’t feeling well, but we felt confident he would pull through.

Unfortunately, Alfie’s condition worsened Thursday morning. After a physically harrowing afternoon, the decision was made, with Alfie’s veterinary team, to let him go. One by one, his human friends lined up to say good-bye, wishing him luck on his next journey. And, as always, we silently promised to do everything we can to protect all remaining wildlife on our beautiful planet.

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Lynx are beautiful and awe inspiring animals, and because of that they and other exotic cats have become popular within the pet industry.  While cute and cuddly when they are small, they quickly grow up to be powerful, dangerous and expensive pets.  As a result, many pet owners resort to inhumane management tactics such as declawing their paws and removing their teeth.  Others sell them to roadside zoos or other facilities where they are exploited for public entertainment.  Big cats are wild animals and deserve to be treated as such.  Support legislation to stop the breeding of exotic cats and keep them out of the pet trade and entertainment industry!