Amanda Hathaway


Amanda Hathaway, Caregiver, Intern and Volunteer Program Coordinator

Amanda has had a passion for great apes since she was very little. Her mom worked for the Jane Goodall Institute as well as around orangutans for a short time at a zoo, so Amanda grew up in the primatology world. She received a degree in anthropology from the University of Maryland and plans to pursue a master’s degree in primate conservation. She has experience conducting behavioral research with rhesus macaques and assisted in wild orangutan research in Indonesia for a short time. She also volunteers remotely for the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance writing grant proposals.

Amanda has lived all over the country but this is her first time in the Northwest. When she discovered Chimps Inc. she moved as soon as she could along with her husband, dog, and two cats. They enjoy the climate and outdoor lifestyle. We are excited to have Amanda join the Chimps Inc. family and she is thrilled for the chance to learn all she can about our chimpanzees.