An Unlikely Playmate

Jackson, CJ and Topo love to play.  So do Herbie and Maggie.  Sometimes even Patti will get into it.  But the one chimp I have never seen play before is Thiele.  Until today!  I walked in on her and Topo play-wrestling and tickling each other this afternoon.   It was so cute!  Thiele was lying on her back while Topo hovered over her, tickling her sides and grabbing at her feet.  She was grabbing at his feet too and whenever she did, he would start walking around her in a circle, still poking her in the belly and grabbing her toes.  Instead of getting up, Thiele twirled herself in a circle by grabbing onto the mesh and pulling herself along so that she could keep grabbing Topo’s feet as he walked around her.  Finally Topo got tired and sat down but Thiele wasn’t ready for the game to end…  She didn’t want to put too much effort into convincing him to rejoin the game, however, so she stayed on her back but reached out towards Topo and wiggled her fingers at him while she clucked playfully.  Apparently she was convincing because Topo pulled himself up, pranced back over to her and started poking her in the belly and tickling her toes again while she swatted at his hands.  Round two didn’t last long though, and before long Topo walked away.  Thiele sat up and grunted in disappointment at his retreating back, and then began banging her fists on the ground as though begging for more.
Rachel Bronstein, Caregiver

Watch the video on YouTube: An Unlikely Playmate