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Spooky October with the Chimps

October has arrived! Yellow leaves are piling up on the ground, the air is getting colder, and it’s time to decorate the sanctuary for Halloween! This week, I pulled the bins of decorations out of storage and began to set […]

Intern Education

A few weeks ago I started an ethogram with Patti. An ethogram is a behavioral observation study that catalogs all the different kinds of behavior or activity observed in an animal. There are many different types of ethograms, but the […]

Jackson the Innovator

Jackson has such a fun personality. He is always looking for new ways to entertain himself whether it is carrying around a stuff animal to play catch with a caregiver or swinging upside down and around the enclosures trying to […]

Plants of the Apes

As you probably know, chimpanzees are largely fruit, nut and foliage consumers. While central Oregon’s desert climate is not exactly similar to the lush, equatorial belt of central Africa, chimps are nothing if not adaptive. And for the residents of […]

Bonding With The Chimps

I started my internship with Chimps Inc. three weeks ago and my experiences so far have been truly amazing and a little overwhelming at first. Not being too keen on strangers, the chimps took their time getting used to and […]

Meeting & Greeting the Chimps

I have been an intern at Chimps Inc for 3 weeks and it has been absolutely amazing. I have been able to bond with the chimps and learned a lot about them. This weekend was the first “meet and greet” […]

The Chimps Get New Toys!

Today the Chimps had some very curious and generous visitors from a local Girl Scouts troop and a local Cub Scouts troop.  Several months ago, the Girl Scouts had worked with a few local businesses and groups including: Bend Pet […]

Food Grunts

Last week we had the opportunity to pass out some fun enrichment for the chimps. One of the local schools, MA Lynch Elementary, made the chimps cheerio necklaces. All of the chimps were so excited to receive them. After we […]

CJ’s Spring Clean Project

Last week was our annual Spring Clean event, when staff, volunteers, and interns spend two full days deep cleaning every inch of the sanctuary. While we were busy scrubbing and pressure washing structures in the outdoor enclosures, CJ had her […]

Awkward Friends

Emma and Herbie are two chimps who have strange behaviors and often awkward social interactions, due to spending their early years being raised in human households. Emma often stares off into space, chewing on her hands, while Herbie tends to […]

First Impressions

I have been an intern at Chimps Inc. for almost three weeks now and I have enjoyed every moment. The Chimps Inc facility has provided me with a close up experience with chimpanzees in a very unique way. It’s a […]

The Odd Jobs in Caring for Chimps

Wow, what an amazing first couple of weeks here at Chimps Inc. I am honored to be able to participate in the internship program at such a beautiful facility right here in my hometown. The seasons are changing and summer […]

The Importance of Chimp Moms

As today is Mother’s Day, all of the humans at Chimps Inc. are talking and thinking about their own moms, making sure no one forgot to make a call! Today has also got me thinking about the great importance of […]

Topo’s Kids Camps Summer 2018

At Topo’s Kids Camp, kids age 6-14 will spend the day learning about chimpanzees, creating enrichment, getting to know the chimpanzee residents of Chimps Inc., and participating in our ape themed obstacle course: The Great Ape Challenge!

CJ’s All Grown Up

When I first arrived at the sanctuary three years ago, CJ was a young fire cracker, full of energy and moxie.  While I noticed immediately that she possessed a bit of a mean streak towards humans, she was always kind […]


While my primary job at Chimps Inc. Sanctuary is working as a caregiver, I also work as the outreach coordinator. This position involves visiting schools and the community to share the stories of the chimps and lynx and what happens […]


As the weather has been warming up, many of us are getting our yards and gardens prepared for fresh fruit and vegetables to enjoy through the summer. I have 2 large rosemary plants in my yard that have been growing […]

Alfie and the Porcupine

Yesterday when I journeyed up to the lynx enclosure to feed Alfie and Linky their breakfast and immediately could tell something was not right. Always waiting at the gate when I arrive, eager for breakfast, Alfie was nowhere in sight. […]

Generous Herbie

I’m in the last few days of my internship here and as the weather has been warming up the chimps have loved all the sun and heat and I have loved watching them relax. The other day as I was […]

Herbie turns 30!

One of our residents, Herbie, just celebrated his 30th birthday.  We commemorated the milestone with a huge party sponsored by an amazing donor Ron.  We started the day by decorating all of the outdoor enclosures with streamers, presents, and all […]