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Bonding With Thiele

Thiele is known to be a “chimp’s chimp”, one that doesn’t care much about humans (unless they have food). She gets along wonderfully with all of the other chimps and even knows how to handle Herbie well, who is notorious […]

In Awe of the Chimps

A sunny pre-fall day last Thursday, during my volunteer time and Jackson and Herbie were in the  front enclosure…Jackson was wanting to have caregiver Kaleigh chase him. I had never seen the chimps run and play…what a sight!! Jackson chased […]

Patti’s 33rd Birthday Party

Friday September 11th 2015 was an amazing day at Chimps Inc. because it was Patti’s 33rd birthday. Before we could celebrate with the birthday girl and her friends, we had to decorate for the festive day. We put streamers up […]

More Than Just Animals

Taking care of animals is often more than just taking care of animals. For the small team of staff at Chimps Inc., we extend ourselves to realms beyond our natural being. To the best of our abilities, we strive to […]

Big Outdoors fun!

Today was a beautiful sunny day here in Central Oregon!  Fall is coming and the temperatures are beginning to drop.   The lower temperatures give all the animals at the sanctuary more opportunities for activity.  Today was a perfect example of […]

Topo Is A Young Man At Heart

With the 20th anniversary of Chimps Inc approaching, we’ve been browsing through photos of the chimps when the sanctuary first opened in 1995. Topo, our resident alpha male who is turning 50 years old this year, was a young, thirty […]

I Wish I Could Play With The Chimps All Day

Working with chimps that have been raised by humans and rescued from the pet and entertainment industry is an incredibly unique experience. These chimps are so much more interested in what the people around them are doing and would often […]

Foods for Sharing

The chimps made me feel like a celebrity today, but it was the large tub of produce in my hands rather that served as the primary source of their excitement. ‘Tis the season for unique fruits and veggies that are […]

Crab Apple Forage

The end of the growing season is near and the chimps couldn’t be more excited.  Around this time of year, all of the apple trees are dropping apples for the chimps to enjoy.  Patti, in particular, loves crab apples!  We […]

CJ is going Swimming and Emma is Picking Flowers

Every Tuesday afternoon, I arrive at Chimps, Inc to volunteer my time to work in the kitchen & make exciting meal choices. I have been arriving like this for about 8 years. Yes, 8 yrs !! This past Tues, I […]

Hot Day = Cold Treats

We are currently in the midst of a heat wave here in Bend, Oregon.  The hot weather makes it difficult for many of the animals around the sanctuary, most notably the lynx.  Alfie and Linky both have thick coats, which […]

CJ Gets Ready For A Pool Party

Aside from a few documented wild families, most chimpanzees are afraid of water, a biological response due to their already highly developed arboreal traveling abilities. This behavior is perpetuated by the continuation of a fear culture among chimpanzees: if everyone […]

Jackson is Glamour

Walking into the chimp kitchen today, I noticed Rachel and Kaleigh huddled in the hallway. I looked through the glass and saw Jackson sitting at the mesh, Rachel’s phone turned to him with its front-facing camera on — a mirror […]

Topo’s Kids Camp

The sanctuary’s first ever Topo’s Kids Camp went off without a hitch on July 23rd this summer, welcoming an eager group of youngsters from Sisters, Oregon! The day campers were invited to experience the life of a chimpanzee and learn […]

Time Flies When You’re Working With Chimps

Time went slowly when I first arrived at Chimps Inc. But now, accustomed to day-to-day life at the sanctuary, the weeks are flying by, the days blending together. I’ve done and seen so much. I find myself trying to focus […]

Cherries All Around

Yesterday the chimps all got a special treat- loads of cherries raining down from the sky. All interns had the opportunity to toss cherries over the tops of enclosures from a safe distance. Patti enjoyed foraging through the Big Outdoors […]

Chow Time!

Four weeks into the internship program here at Chimps Inc., caregivers may grant an intern the opportunity of giving chow to the chimps. I was fortunate enough to start feeding chow this week, and it has drastically changed my relationships […]

’til the End of Time…

As an intern, we are constantly reminded to be creative with enrichment preparation and to invent beyond the chimp’s usual activity. Shayla, a caregiver, has even had me stand in a cleaned enclosure and asked me to look at it […]

Open House Hootenanny 2015!

Yesterday Chimps Inc. held our annual open house event.  We opened our doors to our donors and the general public for this rare chance to see the sanctuary.  We hold the event to show our donors and the public all […]