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Fun with Jackson and Tic Tac Toe with CJ

We were given some free time this afternoon to watch the chimps so I immediately headed to the chimp kitchen where there’s a large window looking into the Playhouse. Two of Chimps Inc.’s youngest residents, Jackson and CJ, were both lounging in […]

Goodbye and Good Luck, Allie!

Very recently the whole team here at Chimps Inc. has had to say goodbye to Senior Caregiver Allie Morgan as she takes the next step in her career and heads to Nigeria for a year-long volunteer experience at a primate […]

Fun with the Hose

Patti got my attention the other day by making loud raspberries as I walked past. As I walked over to her, she let me know she was thirsty by signing “drink” in ASL.  (To make this sign, form a horizontal “C” shape […]

Chimps Inc. is in the news!

Chimpanzee Heart Health Wednesday, August 13, 2014 a team of local Bend professional’s conducted echocardiograms (EKG’s) on two of our chimpanzee residents.  Thiele, a 28-year-old female, and Herbie, a 28-year-old male were chosen for the procedure due to their size and […]

Playtime with Thiele

Thiele spends most of her time interacting with the other chimps, as opposed to the caregivers. She’ll give us a grunt and shake of the head to acknowledge us when we walk past but besides that she pretty much does her […]

Recycling Enrichment

Enrichment is a huge component to improving the lives and overall welfare for the animals in our care. How to keep it novel and exciting for such clever individuals requires us to be clever, too. The picture you see contains […]

Little Rascal Jackson

While I was doing the dishes I was entertained by some of the chimps doing their funny antics. Then I heard a noise, and of course looked up to see what it was. Well, that little rascal Jackson was swinging […]

Watermelon for Topo

Whole fruits (as opposed to chopped) are a fun surprise and change of pace for the chimps. They get so excited when they see whole pineapples, cantaloupes and watermelon around the enclosures, the pant hoots are almost deafening. Topo was especially excited […]

Who Needs Juice When You’ve Got Ice?

To make sure the chimps stay cool and hydrated on these hot days, the caregivers pass out ice cold juice and water throughout the day. We were surprised to learn that putting juice or water into a cup of ice is […]

Patti and the Banana Peels

Here at the sanctuary we dehydrate a lot of fruit to use for enrichment and treats. The other day I dehydrated over 25 bananas and ended with a pile of 25 banana peels. What do you with that many left […]

Singing with the Chimps

The chimps love music and I love to sing so when working by myself I never hesitate to belt out whatever songs are stuck in my head. Yesterday I happened to have the soundtrack from Disney’s new movie “Frozen” stuck in my head […]

Herbie and Emma

Today was enhanced by simply being an observer to some playful moments that occur less frequently between Emma and adult male, Herbie.  With mouths wide open, both shared heavy breathing while tugging on each other’s fingers and toes. Although Jackson […]

Gardening Partner

Because most of the animals at Chimps Inc. were raised as or by humans, they all have a fondness for human enrichment, leftover from their pet and entertainment days. Jackson and Topo love shoes, Thiele loves nail polish, Patti loves […]

Blending In With Nature

How many times have you wandered around in nature and been sighted by a lynx, cougar or bobcat without notice? Many wild animals evolved to take on similar colors and patterns of their natural environment. This helpful adaptation advances their […]

Patti and the Stick Matrix

One day for enrichment, the interns put together several stick matrices for the chimps’ outdoor enclosures. This novel enrichment consisted of a plastic crate interlaced into a “matrix” with sticks, and at the bottom of the crate we placed paper […]

Summer 2014

This letter was featured in the Summer 2014 edition of our Chimp Chatter newsletter. Click here to check it out! Dear Friends, Spring is in full swing here at the sanctuary and we are gearing up for some exciting summer […]

Spring 2014

This letter was featured in the Spring 2014 edition of our Chimp Chatter newsletter.  Click here to check it out! Dear Friends and Animal Lovers, I hope the new year brings you everything you hope for, and that you spent […]

Winter 2013

This letter was featured in the Winter 2013 edition of our Chimp Chatter Newsletter. Click here to check it out! Dear Sanctuary Friends, It’s a busy time of year here at Chimps Inc. We just wrapped up our largest event […]

Fall 2013

This letter was featured in the Fall 2013 edition of our Chimp Chatter newsletter.  Click here to check it out! Dear Sanctuary Friends, We have had a great summer at the sanctuary and hope that you have been enjoying yours […]