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Pumpkin Fun

We have a fun fall enrichment tradition for the animals at Chimps Inc.: every year we carve out pumpkins and fill them with tasty treats.  For the chimps we stuff them with fruits and veggies and nuts, but the lynx […]

Tuesday Morning with the Chimps

I had a smile on my face all morning while volunteering at the sanctuary on Tuesday. I gave everybody breakfast and a special treat: a cup of hot (decaf!) coffee.  Thiele hadn’t moved away from the feed door after she received her breakfast because […]

A Blossoming Friendship

Just like people, sometimes two chimps just don’t get along.  When CJ first arrived at the sanctuary last August, Patti was not the most welcoming hostess.  She went out of her way to make sure CJ knew who was boss, and […]

Thiele the Architect

In the wild, chimps sleep in nests in the trees which they build by bending and lacing branches together. They construct them carefully and purposefully, first creating a strong foundation by choosing specific branches based on flexibility and durability, and then using leaves and twigs […]

Jackson: Terrible Twelves

Jackson is the youngest male chimp here at the Sanctuary. At 12-years-old he is right in the middle of adolescence and it shows. With chimpanzees you get the “terrible twelves” rather than the “terrible twos”. When I first began my […]

Cooling Off

Entering a new enclosure is always exciting for the chimps. They know that when coming back, or getting let into a new enclosure comes many surprises. Keeping the chimps on their toes and creating excitement for them is very important […]

Emma and the Broken Laptop

One way to keep Emma occupied is by giving her a laptop computer. Not to worry though, this laptop stopped working long ago. Despite its’ lack of power and empty screen, Emma is enjoying this foreign object anyhow. Since retrieving […]

Thiele’s Vanity Session

The other day while I was in the chimp kitchen working on a project with the interns, I saw Thiele climbing down the steps to the bottom floor of the Playhouse. On her way down, she came across an old […]

Marla Meyer, Executive Director

Marla moved to Central Oregon in 1999 from Northern Idaho. After pursuing a career in Business and Marketing she later moved into Information Technology and Computer Services. Marla has been dedicated to the Chimps Inc. mission since 1995, when she began as a new volunteer. […]

Palmer Malarkey

Palmer grew up in Bend Oregon. After graduating from Cate school in 1989, Palmer later obtained a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington in 2002. […]

Bruce Wagman

Bruce has been practicing law since 1992, with an almost exclusive focus on a wide range of animal law cases, in addition to education and consultation in the field. […]

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

Dr. Goodall, a British primatologist, anthropologist, ethologist and UN Messenger of Peace, is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading expert on chimpanzees. […]

Traci Botsford

A lifelong resident of Oregon, Traci is semi-retired from catering and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. A member of several non profit animal rescues, she has served on several community and youth program boards as well as non profit organization boards. […]

Karin Thompson

Karin earned her first degree from the University of Oregon in Sociology, and soon followed her passion for helping others with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Linfield College. Karin has lived in Bend since 2005, where she has dedicated herself to the field of nursing and community involvement. […]

Zelia Flannery, Secretary/Treasurer

Zelia (Nauer) Flannery was raised and educated in Canada. She moved to the United States to begin her career, first as a statistician for Hewlett Packard’s Dymec Division. […]

Lesley Day, Founder

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Lesley grew up taking care of various different farm animals and native wildlife. She moved to Bend in the early 1970’s and attended the University of Oregon where she majored in Art. […]

Intern House

The Intern House, which is located adjacent to the chimp facilities, is equipped with a full kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, on-site laundry and one office. […]

Kitchen and Food Preparation

The Playhouse is equipped with a complete kitchen, including stainless steel counters and sinks, a walk-in refrigerator and freezer, stove-top and microwave. […]

Aerial Tunnels

Elevated tunnels connect all of our indoor and outdoor habitats, allowing the chimpanzees to easily shift from one enclosure to another, as well as explore and use the property to its fullest. […]