Vegan Sausage Challenge

Round 6 of the Great Ape Cook-Off is sponsored by Field Roast who generously donated a variety of vegan sausages for the chefs to cook up for the chimps. Using grains as the foundation of vegetarian “meat” has a long […]

Chick, Please

Are these chefs running out of ideas yet? Chick, please! Round 5 of The Great Ape Cook-Off features chick peas! Will the chimps be impressed? What did you make? Jen: I made chickpea pineapple tikka masala because I wanted to […]

Great Ape Cook-Off Round 4: “Turmeric Time”

Turmeric is a root, related to ginger, and is commonly used in Indian cuisine. It has a beautiful, bright yellow color and has been used in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory, to treat […]

Super Bowl Special

The Super Bowl is a major American tradition, and just like any holiday, the signature food plays a huge role in the event. This week, the competing chefs, Kaleigh and Jen, made a veganized version of their favorite Super Bowl […]

Cauliflower Power!

In week 2 of the Great Ape Cook-Off, the chefs were tasked with making a dish for the chimps using cauliflower and nutritional yeast. Obviously you’re all familiar with cauliflower but it’s definitely this year’s trendy vegetable and is rich […]

What’s in a Chow?

We kicked off The Great Ape Cook-Off with a primate chow challenge! Primate chow is a nutritional biscuit that the chimps all receive daily in addition to balanced meals throughout the day. The chimps love their chow biscuits, sometimes soaking […]

Introducing the Great Ape Cook-Off

One of my favorite things to do when I have some extra time during the day is to make creative, novel, and sometimes elaborate meals for the chimps. I have always loved making special meals for their birthdays and was […]

Thiele & Topo Play Time

Thiele & Topo were laughing and playing together in C enclosure this morning while I was cleaning. I turned around and saw Thiele hanging upside down from the ceiling mesh, cracking up while Topo sat under her laughing. Even the […]

Determined Herbie

Herbie needed a blanket in the Playhouse to get comfortable for the evening. Even though there were lots of blankets lying on the floor, he had chosen one with eight pink ties around it that had been tied to a […]

CJ’s Winter Apparel

It’s common sense that you shouldn’t give something to a chimpanzee if you really want it back, but occasionally staff members will give the chimps a personal item. CJ has a particular affinity for hats and headbands and this week […]

Jackson and the Yummy Image

Oh, those lovable chimps.  The other day, caregiver Kaleigh and I were handing out the last “meal” of the day: a special, healthy offering we call treats. These tasty snacks are usually unique and creative. In the human world, we […]

A Spooky Day at Chimps Inc.

Like lots of people all over the world, the chimps rang in Halloween with both tricks and treats!  Our amazing staff prepared a ghoulishly good time that would definitely earn the Great Pumpkin’s seal of approval.  The chimps enjoyed grape […]

An Ode to Topo

Never a finer soul have I seen Than that of Topo, the chimpanzee He IS alpha male, for all to see Wondering what each day will be Strong and patient Wise and gentle Playful and loving Wishing that humans could […]

Help Apes This Halloween

It’s that time of year again! The days are getting colder, party plans are being made, costumes are being picked out, and people are stocking up their homes on spooky decorations and candy. Keep your Halloween fun and animal friendly […]

Goodnight Chimps

The hours between 4:30 and 6:30pm are quiet at the sanctuary, a time when we are wrapping up are the while the chimps watch a movie and relax before their evening treats. It’s typically only caregivers around at this time, […]

Spooky October with the Chimps

October has arrived! Yellow leaves are piling up on the ground, the air is getting colder, and it’s time to decorate the sanctuary for Halloween! This week, I pulled the bins of decorations out of storage and began to set […]

Intern Education

A few weeks ago I started an ethogram with Patti. An ethogram is a behavioral observation study that catalogs all the different kinds of behavior or activity observed in an animal. There are many different types of ethograms, but the […]

Jackson the Innovator

Jackson has such a fun personality. He is always looking for new ways to entertain himself whether it is carrying around a stuff animal to play catch with a caregiver or swinging upside down and around the enclosures trying to […]

Plants of the Apes

As you probably know, chimpanzees are largely fruit, nut and foliage consumers. While central Oregon’s desert climate is not exactly similar to the lush, equatorial belt of central Africa, chimps are nothing if not adaptive. And for the residents of […]

Bonding With The Chimps

I started my internship with Chimps Inc. three weeks ago and my experiences so far have been truly amazing and a little overwhelming at first. Not being too keen on strangers, the chimps took their time getting used to and […]