Smarty Pants Jackson

Providing enrichment is a huge part of giving our chimpanzees the best quality of life possible in a sanctuary. They are such intelligent animals that sometimes it is difficult for us to think of new ways to challenge their minds. […]

Jackson’s Birthday Bash

It was an exciting day yesterday here at Chimps Inc. ! The day started early as preparations for the party began. An abundance of fun decorations went up to give all of the chimps some extra fun enrichment for the […]

Sweet Emma

Emma is a true sweetheart here at Chimps Inc.!  She never gets angry, and always has a smile on her face.  One interesting thing about Emma is that she loves cleaning!  Yesterday morning, I found her with a broom head […]

I love this place!

This morning I arrived at my office with a specific mission in mind.  My first priority was to create a video compilation of the chimps and big cats for a very special friend and family member of Chimps Inc.  Upon […]

Herbie the Trooper

The chimps eat dinner at around 3:30 every day, but it was so beautiful yesterday that Jackson was not interested in coming inside. Herbie, however, was sitting patiently in the Chimp House eagerly awaiting his dinner. “Go get Jackson, Herbie,” […]

Herbie Unties a Knot… For Fashion

Herbie loves to look good.  He puts on hats, sunglasses, and festive bows around the Christmas season; and makes sure a caregiver, intern, or volunteer takes a moment to notice how nice he looks.  He has been spoiled recently with […]

Through the eyes of an intern

Hello everyone, my name is Virginia, and I am a new intern at Chimps Inc from Calgary, Alberta. After being here for a little over a week, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed! Everyone in Oregon has been […]

Rough Play

Rain or shine Jackson is always ready for a game of chase or a tickle war with his chimp friends. On this particular day Jackson was able to pull Herbie and Maggie into a game of tickling and wrestling. While […]

An Unlikely Playmate

Jackson, CJ and Topo love to play.  So do Herbie and Maggie.  Sometimes even Patti will get into it.  But the one chimp I have never seen play before is Thiele.  Until today!  I walked in on her and Topo […]

Patti’s Giant Snow Cone

Patti is a little bit particular about her food.  She refuses all kinds of tasty items that the other chimps get excited about.  One example is oatmeal; the chimps get it for breakfast every Tuesday and everyone except for Patti […]

Snow Cones

We have been hit with some serious winter weather here in Central Oregon. It has stayed below freezing for much of the past few days and the chimps have been spending a lot of time indoors. We brought the snow […]

Doodling with Jackson

Someone told me that Jackson likes to doodle so the other day I brought a pen and some scrap paper over to where he, Maggie and Herbie were sitting. I showed them to him and then kneeled down on the […]

Honoring Volunteers

As one of the caregivers for Chimps Inc, I’d love to express thanks and gratitude for the handful of wonderful volunteers that come each week, so eager to roll up their sleeves and help us care for the chimps and […]

Singing to Thiele

As I was walking through the Playhouse today, I started singing under my breath, and Thiele immediately got up and began walking towards me.  I sat down and started to sing louder and she came and sat in front of […]

Jackson Learns From the Best

Last night while Topo was still finishing up dinner in C cage, Jackson snuck into B cage in an attempt to take over Topo’s beloved nesting spot. He quickly began making a nest of his own but didn’t get very […]

Jackson’s Boo Boo

Today I was checking on a wound C.J. has on her butt. I was attempting to spray it with saline solution to flush it out. After a few minutes, she was no longer having it and retreated to her nest […]

Kicking Back for the ride ‘HOME’

CJ is relaxing on her pile of blankets in the transport van.  She has been spotted ‘reading’ her magazine and playing with her baby doll.  She was spotted combing her hair with a small comb that belongs to the baby […]

Pant Hoots to You!

CJ and her team want to send big Pant Hoots to all of you for your kind words and concern for her well being.  CJ says that she cant wait to get to her new home at Chimps Inc and that […]