Waiting in limbo

We are in a holding pattern awaiting CJ’s test results so that we can safely cross over into Oregon.  CJ is amazing!  Her attitude is great and she is still having fun.  We blew bubbles this morning just before breakfast […]

CJ Breakfast

CJ had homemade oatmeal with cranberries and sliced apples thanks to Marie Sweetwood of Carson City, NV.  CJ is as happy as can be.  She enjoys looking out the front window of the van and poking Lee’s foot with a straw.

Dinner time

In Tonopah, NV, having dinner in the back of the van with CJ.  She is a great traveler!

A Game Of Chase

Watching Jackson and Topo play together is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had while being here at Chimps Inc. We often like to refer to Topo as “grandpa” or “old man” and it’s great to see that […]

Summertime Splash

What could be better than fresh fruit popsicles and splash time in the pool? How about popsicles in the pool! Our chimps sure do know how to have a great time while staying cool. Thanks too to our caregivers who […]

Alfie Prepares For A Visitor

Check out what Alfie has done to his place in preparation for Linky’s visit. He’s getting so excited to meet his pawpal Linky. Here’s his latest note to his friend: Dear Linky, I’m looking forward to setting a new date […]

Comforting Touch…by Sara W/intern

While tiding up in the garden enclosure, Topo was overseeing my progress calmly with his head resting on his knees. While he was busy watching me, Thiele came and sat beside him and offered an affectionate groom. Topo closed his […]

Alfonz with the scented duck…by Sara W/Intern

Alfonz enjoyed some exciting enrichment today. A large plush toy duck had its head anointed with oregano essential oil, and its back with lavender oil. Alfonz’s reaction to the scented duck was similar to that of a domestic cat snuffling […]


Jackson is our resident goof ball.