Patti – The Flower Thief … by Intern Sara

Lesley decided to plant some bright yellow marigolds in a planter right outside …one of the chimp enclosures. They looked beautiful. A few hours later when Lesley and I went to give treats, we noticed that most of the flowers […]

Tickle Tickle Tickle . . . By Sophie Ellis

Today while I was observing the chimps in the outdoor enclosure, I noticed Topo and Jackson playing rather roughly. I went over to see if everything was alright and I noticed that Topo was tickling Jackson. It was quite an […]

Reunited with the Chimps! By Jennifer Milojevic

The first time I interned at Chimps Inc. was for three months that started in February 2005. During my three months here, I was lucky enough to meet Dr Jane Goodall which was an incredible experience. There were only four […]

Jackson the Dentist! By Kath Milojevic

Jackson is so much like a child, and he certainly enjoys learning new things. He’s constantly observing and watching everything and everyone. His favorite thing to do is show you his nose, then his ear, and most of all his […]

Pumpkins Galore! By Andrea Menashe

Yesterday we put pumpkins in the big outdoor for the chimps. We carved the tops off and put seasoning inside. They had such fun tossing and playing with the pumpkins. We are still celebrating Topo

Keeping Up With Chimp Enrichment, By Shayla Scott

Creating novel enrichment for our chimpanzees is something that we strive for on a daily basis. For captive chimps, it is as important to have fun and exciting activities to stimulate the mind as it is to have a clean […]

Patti loves Crab Apples by Lesley Day

Patti’s favorite food of all time is by far crab apples. How did we find out? Well, we have some crab apple trees at the sanctuary. Not sure how they got there but we think they are there for their […]

Good Grooming By Anna Olson

There has been a little pink hairbrush floating around the sanctuary for a while now. Two days ago, while cleaning in the old chimp house, I noticed Herbie was sitting quietly in a corner. He had found the pink brush […]

Sharing by Jacky Schultz

The sound that fills the air here at Chimps Inc. during dinner is almost indescribable. Hoots, hollers, and joyful screams echo off the nearby hills as dinner arrives, and every chimp expresses how happy they are in their own way. […]

The Patriotic Ghost

To some, heading into work on July 4th may not be the most desired way to spend the holiday. However, for those so fortunate enough to work with chimpanzees, that