Enrichment for the chimps

By Eve (intern)

Enrichment is of great significance to animals and it is important to their wellbeing in captivity. It can come in many different forms; such as social, structural, feeding, sensory and object-based. Enrichment may also lead to the reduction of abnormal behavior, such a rocking and scooting.

Living in a Chimp World

By Kate Gillis (intern)

Life changes after living at a chimpanzee sanctuary for three months.

What the interns are learning?

By Jacky Schultz (intern)

Our interns come from around the globe to help out the chimps. In addition to assiting the caregivers and taking care of the chimpanzee and sanctuary they participate in educational discussions. Discussion cover various topics including challenges that chimpanzees face in captivity and the wild, chimpanzee natural history, and sanctuary operations. Yesterday, the interns learned about enrichment and the importance it has on the captive lives of chimpanzees. Below is a small excerpt from Jacky Schultz, our newest intern.

A nice grooming session interrupted…who could it be?

By Rebecca Shea (intern)

Herbie is one of our
chimpanzees that came to us already knowing some American Sign Language. We continue to teach him
new signs to help facilitate communication between him and the human caregivers. He couldn’t be
more excited to learn his latest sign – milk!!

Herbie the Gentle Giant

By Rebecca Shea (intern)

Once you get past his size and extremely loud vocalizations that are sometimes startling, you will find a handsome young chimp.

Patti is feeling better

By Paula Muellner

Chimps Inc. has been challenged in a way that it has never been challenged. With the help of many people around the country we have been able to overcome and move on.

A little of our time

By Lesley Day

When life is hectic you have to remember the little things. Remember to stop and smell the flowers. You will get so much more out of it.

Acrobatic Jackson

By Rebecca Shea (intern)

Rebecca Shea experiences the joy of being around Jackson

Chimp Benefit Concert

Join us at Silver Moon Brewery on Saturday July 18th for a benefit conert for Chimps Inc.

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A Glimpse at the Chimps

By Rachel Golub (intern)

A look at each one of the chimps through the eye’s of an intern.