Awkward Friends

Emma and Herbie are two chimps who have strange behaviors and often awkward social interactions, due to spending their early years being raised in human households. Emma often stares off into space, chewing on her hands, while Herbie tends to […]

First Impressions

I have been an intern at Chimps Inc. for almost three weeks now and I have enjoyed every moment. The Chimps Inc facility has provided me with a close up experience with chimpanzees in a very unique way. It’s a […]

The Odd Jobs in Caring for Chimps

Wow, what an amazing first couple of weeks here at Chimps Inc. I am honored to be able to participate in the internship program at such a beautiful facility right here in my hometown. The seasons are changing and summer […]

The Importance of Chimp Moms

As today is Mother’s Day, all of the humans at Chimps Inc. are talking and thinking about their own moms, making sure no one forgot to make a call! Today has also got me thinking about the great importance of […]

CJ’s All Grown Up

When I first arrived at the sanctuary three years ago, CJ was a young fire cracker, full of energy and moxie.  While I noticed immediately that she possessed a bit of a mean streak towards humans, she was always kind […]


While my primary job at Chimps Inc. Sanctuary is working as a caregiver, I also work as the outreach coordinator. This position involves visiting schools and the community to share the stories of the chimps and lynx and what happens […]


As the weather has been warming up, many of us are getting our yards and gardens prepared for fresh fruit and vegetables to enjoy through the summer. I have 2 large rosemary plants in my yard that have been growing […]

Alfie and the Porcupine

Yesterday when I journeyed up to the lynx enclosure to feed Alfie and Linky their breakfast and immediately could tell something was not right. Always waiting at the gate when I arrive, eager for breakfast, Alfie was nowhere in sight. […]

Generous Herbie

I’m in the last few days of my internship here and as the weather has been warming up the chimps have loved all the sun and heat and I have loved watching them relax. The other day as I was […]

Herbie turns 30!

One of our residents, Herbie, just celebrated his 30th birthday.  We commemorated the milestone with a huge party sponsored by an amazing donor Ron.  We started the day by decorating all of the outdoor enclosures with streamers, presents, and all […]

Herbie’s items

Herbie loves to carry or wear many things. He loves hats, magazines and shoes. Today his item of choice was shoes. Kaleigh decorated the playhouse with all of the shoes we have. By the end of the day he had […]

Jackson’s Toy Monkey

A few days ago, Jackson was acting extra goofy. While I was refilling the dehydrators with some yummy fruit he began to do flips while hanging on to some structures in the indoor Playhouse, but the best part was he […]

Herbie and the Giant Yellow Ball

A couple of days ago when the weather was warmer some of the chimps seemed extra playful. Herbie was given this big yellow plastic ball to play with in the front enclosure. He inspected it at first and then began […]

Cooking for the Chimps

Today was a good day in the kitchen; the Chimps will be pleased to know that we made a lot of delicious snacks and meals. We made mini oatmeal primate chow pies with butternut squash puree for treats, baked bell-peppers […]

Jackson Learns Patience

All caregivers take time to do behavioral training sessions with the chimps so that we can teach them to present body parts and participate in their own veterinary care. The chimps present “hand” and “foot” and “open” their mouths and […]

Being Accepted By Topo

After being here for a few weeks now I truly enjoy spending lots of time hanging out with the chimps. It has been really fun watching them play with enrichment that we make and interacting with them while we clean. […]

Chow Time!

Halfway through my internship, and I have gained the privilege to feed primate chow nutritional biscuits to all the Chimps! It seems like a very small thing, but it’s really quite rewarding; it’s a chance to get their attention and […]

Herbie’s Hilarious Prank

Laughing out loud is a rare chimp trait. Topo is one chimp who does it quite often, chuckling to himself at seemingly random times or laughing enthusiastically while playing chase with a caregiver. The only other chimp I’ve ever heard […]

First Week With The Chimps

My first week here has been great and quite the learning experience! I have been getting to know all the chimps and figuring out what they like. I love watching them enjoy their enrichments and playing with each other. As […]

Dynamic Duo: Jackson and CJ

On a quiet afternoon, I went to find CJ to feed her the orange she forgot to take at lunch, and incidentally found Jackson hanging out in the upstairs of the playhouse. He immediately initiated a game of chase and […]