Being Accepted By Topo

After being here for a few weeks now I truly enjoy spending lots of time hanging out with the chimps. It has been really fun watching them play with enrichment that we make and interacting with them while we clean. […]

Chow Time!

Halfway through my internship, and I have gained the privilege to feed primate chow nutritional biscuits to all the Chimps! It seems like a very small thing, but it’s really quite rewarding; it’s a chance to get their attention and […]

Herbie’s Hilarious Prank

Laughing out loud is a rare chimp trait. Topo is one chimp who does it quite often, chuckling to himself at seemingly random times or laughing enthusiastically while playing chase with a caregiver. The only other chimp I’ve ever heard […]

First Week With The Chimps

My first week here has been great and quite the learning experience! I have been getting to know all the chimps and figuring out what they like. I love watching them enjoy their enrichments and playing with each other. As […]

Dynamic Duo: Jackson and CJ

On a quiet afternoon, I went to find CJ to feed her the orange she forgot to take at lunch, and incidentally found Jackson hanging out in the upstairs of the playhouse. He immediately initiated a game of chase and […]

Tube Time With Thiele

Ever since I met these chimps two years ago, I have been bonding with each chimp in different ways. Some have taken longer than others to warm up to me, and for some chimps, our friendship for the day depends […]

Peanut Forage

The chimps sure love a good forage.  It encourages natural behavior and can occupy the chimps for a good amount of time.  Every so often, we throw out a big peanut forage and watch the chimps scavenge for shelled peanuts.  […]

A Quiet Afternoon With Topo, Patti & Thiele

It’s late afternoon and Thiele, Patti and Topo lounge inside, soaking up the warm rays of sun; protected from Bend’s chilly winter weather. I catch Thiele’s interest with bubbles, and she saunters over to me. She opens her mouth wide, […]

The Tunnels

One of the chimps favorite spots to hang out are the tunnels. When the weather is warm they love to spend their time outside in the tunnels that connect their indoor space to the large open enclosures. They carry blankets […]

Jackson Style

You may have ordered a burger “Animal Style” but I’m here to tell you about “Jackson Style”. Jackson makes the same modifications to many of the food that he eats. Each morning, he refuses to take his gummy vitamins individually […]

The Chimps Get Their Nails Done

This week, I set out to trim the chimps fingernails. Some of them manage to keep them pretty short and tidy all on their own, while others definitely need some assistance. Thiele is one chimp who especially seemed to enjoy […]

Shredded Paper FUN

 Many of us have been enjoying the cold and snow as we head up to the mountains for all our favorite winter sports. Even our two lynx cats have been much more energetic in this cooler weather. However, our 7 […]

New Enrichment

Due to the extremely cold weather lately, every day is a challenge to clean as many chimp enclosures as possible, without sending them outside. I am often asked if the chimps like the snow, and my response is always- How […]

New Boots

We often use shoes as enrichment for the chimps, usually not getting much of a reaction, but when a special person brings a pair of shoes, the chimps can’t help but get excited. Yesterday caregiver, Kaleigh brought in a nice […]

Chimpmas is Finally Here!

As many of you might know, we here at Chimps Inc. tend to go all out on the holiday decorations to keep the environment festive! The chimps have enjoyed having a decorated Christmas tree that they can see from their […]

The Chimps Create Their Own Enrichment

As a caregiver, a lot of time is spent making sure all our chimps are happy and stimulated. This usually involves hiding treats in boxes or purses, making novel foods. This poses a big challenge for us, to always be […]

Herbie’s Quiet Time

Herbie is a chimp that appreciates his quiet time and will often sit alone inside when socializing becomes too much for him. I think we can all relate that sometimes you just need a break and want to relax by […]

Tea Time

The cold weather has struck Central Oregon.  Snow, wind, and rain have been consistent features of our daily life at Chimps Inc.  For the chimps this means more indoor time, blankets, creative enrichment and, of course, hot tea.  Thanks to […]

The Chimps’ Unique Habits

With cold weather and a good bit of snow on the ground, the chimps have been spending a lot of time inside lately. It’s so fun to catch glimpses of what they do to entertain themselves when they think no […]

Watching Jackson Learn

Herbie is renowned here at the sanctuary for finding hard plastic objects such as water bottles and raking them along the floor of the indoor Playhouse, making a horribly loud noise. This noise drives everyone crazy, including the other chimps […]