Topo’s Favorite Show

As winter approaches and the temperature drops in Bend, the chimps are forced to spend more time indoors, particularly in the evening.  To curb indoor boredom for the chimps we offer as much stimulating enrichment as possible for them.  One […]

Working Alongside The Chimps

With winter approaching, we have been working on projects like tarping outdoor enclosures, landscaping, and resetting the garden. Today, I helped caregiver Makaela continue layering the garden with newspaper and mulch. The chimps had access to the Garden enclosure, which […]

Pumpkin Patch Party

Halloween is a spooktacular time here at Chimps Inc.!  The chimps enjoy some fall treats and get to see us humans dress up in funny costumes.  Another great thing about the end of October is we always have a massive […]

Chase With Topo

Topo and I got off to somewhat of a rocky start back when I was an intern and volunteer. For whatever reason, he wasn’t particularly fond of me and would usually avoid eye contact. However, since I transitioned into being […]

The Chimps Prepare For Halloween

Around the sanctuary we take holidays pretty seriously. Since the beginning of October, the sanctuary has been decorated for Halloween, full of pumpkins, spider webs, and skeletons. It seems now that the chimps are getting into the spirit too! While […]

A Special Bond With CJ

As many who have been to the sanctuary know, CJ and I have a very special relationship. Since day one, she has been in love with me—which she expresses through frequent flirtations. In CJ’s style of chimp flirting, she droops […]

Getting to Know Jackson

I’m gradually getting to know each of the chimps, and having a great time doing it. Jackson is one of those I initially thought I probably wouldn’t get to know well, but it turns out he is very interesting. A […]

Working With Apes Abroad

One of our newest caregivers, Rebecca, started her job as a caregiver here at Chimps Inc. after returning from Borneo this summer. Her experience there was part of her graduate program in conservation biology where this location focused on primate […]

Jackson’s Concoctions

Jackson has a vibrant and hilarious personality that keeps everyone at Chimps Inc. laughing. Whether he is playing with a massive ball or destroying office chairs, he is always having fun.  Today, like any other day, I gave Jackson his […]

Reflecting on My Internship

I just spent two months at an amazing place. Chimps Inc. is doing wonderful things to care for their chimps and I was so excited to help them. The best parts were being able to hang out with the chimps. […]

Building Friendships With Chimpanzees

Looking back at my first week and a half at Chimps Inc., it feels like time has gone by pretty quickly. I believe I’ve met most of the regular volunteers, and everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. The caregivers […]

Signing And Understanding

It’s amazing when I see anyone signing. I think it’s a cool language. It’s even cooler when I see a non-human primate signing. I know that they don’t sign in the wild, but the fact that they are capable of […]

Bonding With Thiele

Thiele is known to be a “chimp’s chimp”, one that doesn’t care much about humans (unless they have food). She gets along wonderfully with all of the other chimps and even knows how to handle Herbie well, who is notorious […]

In Awe of the Chimps

A sunny pre-fall day last Thursday, during my volunteer time and Jackson and Herbie were in the  front enclosure…Jackson was wanting to have caregiver Kaleigh chase him. I had never seen the chimps run and play…what a sight!! Jackson chased […]

Patti’s 33rd Birthday Party

Friday September 11th 2015 was an amazing day at Chimps Inc. because it was Patti’s 33rd birthday. Before we could celebrate with the birthday girl and her friends, we had to decorate for the festive day. We put streamers up […]

More Than Just Animals

Taking care of animals is often more than just taking care of animals. For the small team of staff at Chimps Inc., we extend ourselves to realms beyond our natural being. To the best of our abilities, we strive to […]

Big Outdoors fun!

Today was a beautiful sunny day here in Central Oregon!  Fall is coming and the temperatures are beginning to drop.   The lower temperatures give all the animals at the sanctuary more opportunities for activity.  Today was a perfect example of […]

Topo Is A Young Man At Heart

With the 20th anniversary of Chimps Inc approaching, we’ve been browsing through photos of the chimps when the sanctuary first opened in 1995. Topo, our resident alpha male who is turning 50 years old this year, was a young, thirty […]

I Wish I Could Play With The Chimps All Day

Working with chimps that have been raised by humans and rescued from the pet and entertainment industry is an incredibly unique experience. These chimps are so much more interested in what the people around them are doing and would often […]

Crab Apple Forage

The end of the growing season is near and the chimps couldn’t be more excited.  Around this time of year, all of the apple trees are dropping apples for the chimps to enjoy.  Patti, in particular, loves crab apples!  We […]