Time Flies When You’re Working With Chimps

Time went slowly when I first arrived at Chimps Inc. But now, accustomed to day-to-day life at the sanctuary, the weeks are flying by, the days blending together. I’ve done and seen so much. I find myself trying to focus […]

Cherries All Around

Yesterday the chimps all got a special treat- loads of cherries raining down from the sky. All interns had the opportunity to toss cherries over the tops of enclosures from a safe distance. Patti enjoyed foraging through the Big Outdoors […]

Chow Time!

Four weeks into the internship program here at Chimps Inc., caregivers may grant an intern the opportunity of giving chow to the chimps. I was fortunate enough to start feeding chow this week, and it has drastically changed my relationships […]

’til the End of Time…

As an intern, we are constantly reminded to be creative with enrichment preparation and to invent beyond the chimp’s usual activity. Shayla, a caregiver, has even had me stand in a cleaned enclosure and asked me to look at it […]

Open House Hootenanny 2015!

Yesterday Chimps Inc. held our annual open house event.  We opened our doors to our donors and the general public for this rare chance to see the sanctuary.  We hold the event to show our donors and the public all […]

Lovable Herbie

Its a beautiful day here at Chimps Inc. Most of the chimps are enjoying the warm sun and the cool breeze outside in the front and garden enclosures or in the big outdoors. Herbie is the exception today as he […]

Happy 4th of July!

It was a hot 4th of July for the chimps here at Chimps Inc.!  We all still managed to celebrate with red, white, and blue attire and plenty of U-S-A chants.  The chimps celebrated with banners, colorful popsicles, themed enrichment, […]

Jackson The Mischievous?

Jackson is a mischievous chimpanzee. All interns and volunteers learn this fact pretty quickly. He is infamous for shooting humans with his projectile saliva. When he catches me in front of an enclosure, he’ll fill up his cheeks with water […]

A Greeting From A Noble Ape

I was especially eager to come to Chimps Inc. this summer, as the zoos I grew up with lacked chimpanzee exhibits. As I pulled up to the sanctuary, only a few short days ago, Topo, the alpha chimp, loomed over […]

Which Chimp Is Your Favorite?

A couple days after starting my internship here at Chimps Inc., I was asked the question: “Which chimp is your favorite?” To this day this has to be one of the hardest questions I’ve been asked! I have been at […]

Silly Jack

Jackson was in the playhouse one morning and he came down from the top level to say good morning to me through the glass, we played with each other for a bit exchanging looks and giggling like school girls.  He […]

What It’s Like To Meet A Chimp

One of the first things I noticed upon meeting the chimps for the first time was their intensely observant nature; especially that of CJ, Topo, and Patti. Their deep, dark eyes so clearly flit and fixate in a way that […]

The Bonus of Fruit Juice by Mr. Jackson

Today was a day for frozen treats and lots of drinks. The hot weather always serves the chimps with rounds of yummy cold things to help cool off in the afternoon sun. After giving Jackson a fruity frozen smoothie today, I […]

Happy Best Friend’s Day

In honor of “best friends” day, the spotlight for this blog post will be on the two chimps that embody what it means to be best friends, Patti and Thiele.  Although we know they are sisters, these two ladies just […]

Spring Clean

Yesterday, we had our annual spring-clean here at Chimps Inc. This day involves an immensity of planning–and sweating! We could not have checked anything off our enormous task list without the help of our hard working, dedicated volunteers. To prepare […]

What Eyes Can Tell

Of the many fascinating characteristics observed in chimpanzees, my favorite happens to be the various facial expressions they exhibit. By observing and comparing facial expressions with circumstances that surround their environment, we acquire insight on what might be going through their mind. […]

Chimp Gardening

The weather is beautiful here in Central Oregon which means the chimps get to enjoy some fresh veggies from the garden.  One of our enjoyable duties here is to maintain the gardens for the chimps.  We are lucky enough to […]

The Chimps Have A Spa Day

Well, maybe not quite a spa day but we do have ways of pampering the chimps and taking care of their health without them even realizing it! The dry climate of Bend, Oregon can take its toll on all of […]

Happy 17th Birthday To Linky

Happy Birthday Linky! Linky is one of the two lynx we have here at Chimps Inc. and he turned 17 this Friday! Linky is a Canadian lynx and can be recognized by his smaller size (about 20 inches tall) and […]

The Chimps Test Their New Enrichment

Yesterday, on intern Alana’s last day, we added a new piece of structural enrichment that she had built for the chimps to their large indoor playhouse. A seat that looked like roller coaster chairs was hung up from the ceiling […]