Building Friendships with the Chimps

Building Friendships With Chimpanzees

Looking back at my first week and a half at Chimps Inc., it feels like time has gone by pretty quickly. I believe I’ve met most of the regular volunteers, and everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. The caregivers are friendly and easy to work with. I’m starting to feel comfortable with the daily routines, and am learning new things about myself already. In the past, I sometimes let self-doubt get in the way when given a task to complete on my own, but I’m surprising myself at how easily I’m finding managing my tasks. I think it’s the welcoming environment of good-natured people that allows me to relax and put that baggage aside. Coming from a housecleaning background, the routine cleaning hasn’t been much of a hurdle, though I can’t say I’ve been to many houses with the kind of detritus chimps can produce.

The chimps themselves are wonderful beings, and I’m having fun slowly getting to know each of them. So far, I would say I have the best connection with Topo, Herbie and CJ, but I’m gradually gaining the trust and friendship of the others. I look forward to the rest of my time here, and to creating friendships with humans and chimps alike.


Wyatt H., Intern