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The Under-Appreciated Dandelion Has Its Day!

Loathed by lawn-lovers and farmers, dissed by plant experts, even cursed by home gardeners, the cheeky yellow dandelion has a bad reputation. However, there is really no way around it. Spring announces the arrival of dandelions. So many people see […]

Kimie and the Baby Chimpanzee

By Shayla Scott When offered a small, stuffed version of a chimpanzee, Miss Kimie’s maternal side was brought to the surface. The stuffed chimpanzee came with an elastic band, which she had no trouble figuring out what to do with […]

Fishing for Apples

by Marla O’Donnell Yesterday when I served lunch to the chimps I passed Patti her bag and her apple rolled out and into the strawberry patch. It seemed to be out of reach so she quickly got a stick and […]

Magic Mustard

By Bonnie Lowery When desperately searching through the cabinets for coffee grounds and burlap sacks to make enrichment for Alfonz, our volunteer Chuck came up empty handed. However, our volunteers can be quite crafty when coming up with fun things […]

Our Beloved Katia

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the passing of our oldest Siberian lynx, Katia. Katia was a beautiful, vibrant, and high spirited cat that came into our lives in 2003. Her favorite things to do were […]

Turning a New Leaf… Patti Likes Mushrooms

by Paula Muellner Mushrooms. Mushrooms seem to be a complicated vegetable to figure out. Some people just love them, while others just hate them; some people would say they are an acquired taste while others only eat them if prepared […]

Our Newest Photographer – Topo!

by Marla O’Donnell (caregiver) Today I walked into the chimp house to find Topo sitting quietly on a bench by himself. I noticed that he had a one of those old-time plastic cameras in his hands. He was fiddling with […]

The Corn Bandit

by Lesley Day Emma, AKA the “Corn Bandit,” was at her best tonight during dinner. The minute she discovered corn was on the menu she preceded to take Maggie’s and then began stalking everyone else’s bags as well. Kimie hadn’t […]

A Beautiful Day Leads to Lots of Play!

I got a little off track today when I kept hearing this clapping and grunting noise coming from behind me. I had been working in the tool shed not far from the big outside enclosure. I came out and there […]

Herbie Wins the Jackpot

It has been a bit dreary the last few days here in Central Oregon, and, just like us, the chimps get cabin fever. That is why it is so important that the volunteers and caregivers take a little extra time […]

Boxing Day

by Kristin Harvill (caregiver) Today we felt we could engage in a belated Boxing Day, for it is known in the sanctuary world that left over holiday wrappings, ribbons, and bags are always fun for the chimps to sift through! […]

Kimie’s Birthday

With the holidays still in full swing combined with Kimie’s birthday today, it’s no surprise that the chimps are in a great mood today! Topo has been a terrific host for Kimie’s birthday, blowing kisses to the volunteers upon arriving […]

Boys Will Be Boys

by Marla O’Donnell It was a quiet day in the chimp house on a sunny winter afternoon. Herbie was relaxing on a bench in the sun reading a magazine. Jackson apparently decided that the place needed a little excitement. He […]

A New Relaxation Spot

It seemed as if the hammock in the playhouse was doomed to be taken out, as none of the chimps seem to ever sit in it! This morning upon entering the chimp kitchen I noticed how concave the hammock was. […]

Herbie Learns How to Ask For Milk

By Kristin Stoughton (caregiver)

Herbie is one of our chimpanzees that came to us already knowing some American Sign Language. We continue to teach him new signs to help facilitate communication between him and the human caregivers. He couldn’t be more excited to learn his latest sign – milk!!

The Golden Boot

by Bonnie Lowery (caregiver) Tired of harassing his new friend Herbie and trying to engage every human that walked by, Jackson realized that he needed something else to entertain himself with. As Jackson looked around his enclosure to find a […]

Jackson and His Monkey Chow

After working so closely with chimpanzees every day, one can forget the novel and creative techniques they develop to manipulate their food just like us! Everyone knows the key to eating saltine crackers requires a large cup of water, or […]

Herbie and Emma Together Again

By Kristin Stoughton (caregiver)

It has been a little while since Herbie has been back with Emma. but they are together again. Pant hoots of joy!