Chase With Topo

Topo and I got off to somewhat of a rocky start back when I was an intern and volunteer. For whatever reason, he wasn’t particularly fond of me and would usually avoid eye contact. However, since I transitioned into being a caregiver, our relationship has changed significantly. Now, Topo will play chase with me, and is generally very friendly with me. Last week, I came around the corner and Topo was sitting in the front enclosure, clearly ready to play chase. So I jumped right in and he giggled his way down the side of the enclosure, with me in hot pursuit. The back corner of the Front enclosure is covered with sheet metal to keep wind out in the winter; so I ran around the corner assuming I would have some catching up to do, but when I came around the corner Topo was nowhere to be found.

I looked back but couldn’t see him in the corner, and then I heard *tap tap tap.* I wondered if it was him, so I tapped back. I again heard *tap tap tap.* I came back to the other corner and he had moved out of the corner and was sitting with his arms crossed as if to say “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I’m so grateful to finally be accepted by our alpha male and it is an honor for him to initiate playing with me.

  • Makaela, Caregiver