Chimpsmas is Finally Here!

Chimpmas is Finally Here!

As many of you might know, we here at Chimps Inc. tend to go all out on the holiday decorations to keep the environment festive! The chimps have enjoyed having a decorated Christmas tree that they can see from their indoor enclosures and this week Santa came and left presents under the tree! Bags and boxes with festive gift wrap and bows surrounded the small tree. Herbie was especially thrilled to see all the colorful boxes and asked for them every day, constantly offering us items to trade for them. I suppose you can’t explain to a chimp why he has to wait until December 25th to open his presents. When the big day finally arrived, the chimps were having a quiet day staying warm indoors when caregivers brought in all the gifts to pass out. All the chimps began to scream with excitement. Herbie and Thiele ran to each other and began jumping up and down, screaming and pant hooting. All the chimps embraced each other before gifts were passed out. Herbie chirped as he opened his gift bags. Thiele grabbed her few and found a private place to open them. Jackson, CJ, and Emma checked out what the others had gotten and who might want to trade. When all the excitement had subsided, the chimps settled down, Herbie wearing a whistle around his neck and Jackson was lying in his hammock seeing how far he could stretch out his new slinky. Does this reaction to Christmas presents sound familiar to any of you with human children?


Kaleigh R., Caregiver