Chimpanzee Heart Health

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 a team of local Bend professional’s conducted echocardiograms (EKG’s) on two of our chimpanzee residents.  Thiele, a 28-year-old female, and Herbie, a 28-year-old male were chosen for the procedure due to their size and activity levels.


Sarah Oberle, a Sonographer from St. Charles Medical Center assisted by Dr. Wendy Krebs, DVM with Bend Equine, conducted the EKG’s that local Cardiologist, Dr. Bruce McLellan will later translate and report on.

Thiele (pronounced Tee-Lee) and Herbie are the first known captive chimpanzees to receive ultrasounds in Oregon.  Our team of experienced caregivers, along with Eileen McLellan,  Chimps Inc. board member and wife of Dr. Bruce McLellan were present for support.  The process began at 9:30am and concluded at 2pm.  Routine dental exams were also performed on both chimps during this same time.


Heart disease is the number one killer of captive chimpanzees, and we want to ensure that our chimps’ cardiac health is optimized!  By monitoring heart health of our aging community, we are hopeful that it will prevent premature death.  Please help support our great ape health by donating today! 


Advanced Medical Care Program

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