CJ's 15th Birthday

CJ’s 15th Birthday

CJ’s birthday was a huge hit this year! The chimps enjoyed a delicious forage in the morning of fresh strawberries, watermelon, oranges and broccoli, as well as strawberry banana smoothie popsicles scattered throughout the enclosures. Birthday bags with gifts for each of the chimps were greeted with ecstatic pant hoots that echoed around the sanctuary. CJ’s favorite presents included a pair of pink and orange striped gardening gloves which she proudly wore on both hands, a plush stuffed dog which she reluctantly let Jackson play with when he started to whine, and a kid’s pink camper van on shiny wheels which we tucked her lunch inside. And let’s not forget about the yummy birthday treats: fresh coconuts, rhubarb and papaya, fancy nuts and pumpkin seeds, and sugar-free fruit roll-ups and juice boxes. By the time the caregivers left for the evening, all of the chimps were exhausted and snuggled up in nests of blankets much earlier than usual, bellies full and hearts content, their happy grunts and snores melding together into a chimpanzee lullaby that rocked them all to sleep. Happy 15th Birthday, CJ! We love you.

Rachel, Senior Caregiver