CJ's Spring Clean Project

CJ’s Spring Clean Project

Last week was our annual Spring Clean event, when staff, volunteers, and interns spend two full days deep cleaning every inch of the sanctuary. While we were busy scrubbing and pressure washing structures in the outdoor enclosures, CJ had her own project going on inside. Through the larger window in the indoor Playroom, CJ entertained herself for hours by tossing blankets out at the television. Eventually, she managed to hook a long blanket around the television and yanked it down to the ground, right off the secured stand! I walked into the indoor Chimp House to find the television in pieces on the ground and a large pile of blankets surrounding where it used to sit. I immediately checked in with CJ, thinking she might have acted out because she was agitated from the loud noise of the pressure washer. I sat near her and spoke to her softly. CJ turned around for me to scratch her back through the mesh caging. After she had relaxed a bit, CJ turned around, looked at me, reached behind her back and meekly handed me the television cord. I don’t know exactly what she was trying to stay with this gesture but I began to laugh, as it seemed like she knew exactly what she had done. When chimps don’t have enough enrichment, they make their own!


Kaleigh R., Caregiver