Closing Time With Chimps

When passing out treats the other evening, the chimps reminded me of conversations that we often share with each other. Before closing the doors and turning off the lights, I follow my usual routine of wishing everyone a lovely night. With a light tone, soft voice and expectation that no one is listening, I say “Good night everyone, sleep tight.” Alpha male, Topo gently raises his head and rewards me with a response. With similar softness and low tone he muffles a series of ‘pant-hoots’ in my direction.  His response is short and sweet, lasting no more than 2 seconds before nestling back down into his pile of blankets.  A cascade of low-toned pant-hoots then follows by Jackson, Herbie and Patti. Perhaps they are all just humoring me. Either way, these peaceful conversations frequently take place during the closing-up routine, and it always adds a smile to the end of a day. ~Senior Caregiver, Shayla Scott