While my primary job at Chimps Inc. Sanctuary is working as a caregiver, I also work as the outreach coordinator. This position involves visiting schools and the community to share the stories of the chimps and lynx and what happens when they end up in the pet and entertainment industry. We have done presentations at many schools and after school groups around Bend and Redmond, spoke to the Anthropology class at COCC and visited community groups around the area. I have enjoyed this part of my job as much as playing chase with Jackson or laughing with Topo. I have met so many wonderful students and members of the Central Oregon community that it has made my job such an incredible one. This picture was taken at the Barnes Butte Elementary School in Prineville. I had the pleasure of meeting all of the second grade students at the school to teach them about chimpanzees and why humans should treat them with respect. These students went out of their way to gather donations and make enrichment for our chimps. The chimps have spent the last week enjoying all their new and exciting treats and toys. The best part of doing outreach presentations is not only meeting all the wonderful people in our community, but answering all the questions that everyone has. Protecting primates in the wild and providing better care to captive ones starts with people asking questions to get to know more about them and why they are exploited. Thank you to all the amazing students and the community for supporting our sanctuary and helping us to provide the best care possible for these chimps. And thank you for making my job such a wonderful one.


Rebecca, Caregiver / Outreach Coordinator