Educational Outreach



Chimps Inc. offers an innovative outreach program that provides education to people of all ages and communities. We give presentations to groups of all ages and backgrounds, both locally and as far as Florida, with the mission of improving public awareness about chimpanzees and big cats, and the plights that they and other exotic species face in captivity and in the wild.

The general public’s lack of knowledge about conservation is one of the main causes of the deterioration of wildlife populations and degradation of their habitats.  Chimpanzees are commonly seen in entertainment and advertising, yet the media offers little information regarding the treatment and conservation of these highly intelligent and social beings.  The appearance of chimpanzees in the entertainment industry (including movies, television, advertisements, greeting cards, circuses, etc.) creates an inaccurate perception of them as humanized beings, as well as propagates the mistaken belief that chimpanzees are not an endangered species.  Let us be the voice of our closest living relatives by introducing you to the reality of the world they live in.

Through our outreach program, a knowledgeable Chimps Inc. representative will travel to your location and provide your group with an entertaining and educational experience.  We serve any organized group, including K-12 schools, universities, youth groups and senior groups.  Presentations are typically 35 – 45 minutes in length and are followed with a Q&A session.  Talks can be tailored to address any specific content needs or time frame of the requesting group.

The presentation is accompanied by a dynamic PowerPoint presentation which shows colorful photos of those whom we’ve rescued and provide lifetime sanctuary for.  Additionally, we show brief videos throughout the presentation which offer a more intimate look at the sanctuary and the amazing work that happens here, as well as ones of the animal residents themselves which demonstrate important aspects of their lives like tool-use and enrichment.

After the presentation, your group has the opportunity to get involved with the husbandry and conservation efforts of Chimps Inc. by creating stimulating enrichment for the chimpanzees and lynx, starting or assisting with a fundraiser that helps feed and support the animals in our care, or learning how to become a volunteer at the sanctuary.  These programs are currently offered at no cost and are possible through public donations.  Your donation is very much appreciated.

To learn more or to schedule a presentation, contact us at (541) 410-4122 or


“…What an opportunity to hear about the positive work you are doing at Chimps Inc. and that you are so willing to share this with our students. I will certainly have you back next year for this course and recommend you to other educators. Thank you again for all the information and most importantly for your time.”

– Katie Lyons, Marshall High School Science Department