Friday the Normal 13th

It’s Friday the 13th and so far nothing bad has happened!  I was expecting today to be erratic and full of trouble but it has turned out to be a great day!  It hasn’t even rained, though the sky looks as if it would.  Topo and Jackson had a great time in the front enclosure frolicking around!  They were playing tag, chasing each other playing tug-a-war.  Pattie even joined in and chased Jackson around!  I could tell Jackson was enjoying having someone to play with.  Thiele made herself a nest in the tunnels and was watching everything that was going on.  Emma and CJ were also enjoying lounging around.  They found many different cozy places to relax, taking short naps here and there.  Herbie was his usual self, trying on as many hats as he could find and goofing around with whoever walked by.  Overall today has been quite normal, despite it being Friday the 13th!  I was pleased with today’s events and very thankful it wasn’t as chaotic as I thought it might be.  Maybe Friday the 13th isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but then again the day isn’t over!

– Casey, Intern