Hannah Hutton


Hannah Hutton, Caregiver

Hannah grew up in Kansas where she loved spending time outdoors hiking the Kansas wilderness with her mom, sister, and two dogs.  She has been passionate about dedicating her time to helping animals in need since a young age. An internship at Chimps Inc. gave her an opportunity to continue that passion and she quickly fell in love with the primates and lynx who call Chimps Inc. home.  When offered a job at Chimps Inc., Hannah could not imagine passing up an opportunity to call Chimps Inc. home as well. She is continuing her studies in wildlife conservation biology at Kansas State University.  Hannah loves to spend time with her family, hike, rock climb, read, camp, and explore the outdoors. Hannah is nothing but happy to be at Chimps Inc. and hopes she can make the same positive impact on the animals here as they have made on her.