Happy 17th Birthday To Linky!

Happy 17th Birthday To Linky

Happy Birthday Linky! Linky is one of the two lynx we have here at Chimps Inc. and he turned 17 this Friday! Linky is a Canadian lynx and can be recognized by his smaller size (about 20 inches tall) and the tufts of hair on his ears. To celebrate, the interns, volunteers, and caregivers decorated Linky’s habitat with fun enrichment and decorations. Some of the things we brought to the party were stuffed animals sprinkled with catnip (big cats love it too!), gift bags filled with food, and boxes stuffed with scented paper. Everyone was excited for Linky to enjoy his gifts, Linky, however, had other plans. He adopted the motto “it’s my party and I’ll lay here if I want to”. This was to be expected because lynx are solitary cats and are very elusive in their natural environment. So, we let sleeping cats lie and gave Linky time to check out his goodies while we did other daily tasks. At the end of the day we came back to Linky’s habitat to celebrate a second time! This time Linky decided to humor us and look at his birthday gifts. He then opened his gift bag and ate the chicken drumstick inside. Alfonz, our Siberian lynx, made an appearance at the party too by showing up on his side of the habitat. Siberian lynx are the largest of the lynx and can also be recognized by the furry tufts on their ears. Not wanting to leave Alfonz out, we brought over some herbs and food for him as well. Linky, although hesitant at first, enjoyed his birthday celebration and we had a blast giving him a special day!


Julianne, Intern