Happy 4th of July!

It was a hot 4th of July for the chimps here at Chimps Inc.!  We all still managed to celebrate with red, white, and blue attire and plenty of U-S-A chants.  The chimps celebrated with banners, colorful popsicles, themed enrichment, and cold pools.  Patti had a great time exploring the Big Outdoors with her special ice treat.  Herbie spent his time between the indoor and outdoor enclosures.  He spent time lounging around inside to stay cool and then came outside to soak up a few rays throughout the day.  It was so hot that Jackson wasn’t even interested in playing chase.  CJ let out a few big pant-hoots during the day to celebrate her independence at the sanctuary.  Topo  and Emma celebrated by opening some fun confetti and necklace filled presents.  Thiele surprised us all by climbing all over the place to get the frozen treats hidden around the enclosures.  She must have been burning up! Despite the heat, the Chimps had a great 4th of July.

All of us here at Chimps Inc. wish you a happy Independence Day!  We hope you stay safe, eat plenty of food, and get to see some fireworks with all of your loved ones.

– Kevin, Caregiver