Happy Best Friend’s Day

In honor of “best friends” day, the spotlight for this blog post will be on the two chimps that embody what it means to be best friends, Patti and Thiele.  Although we know they are sisters, these two ladies just can’t seem to get enough of each other.  Whether they are grooming together in the shade or sharing a meal by each other’s side, these two chimps are clearly friends for life.  Just like all best friends, they stick up for each other when necessary and never hold a grudge after a minor dispute.  They are always asking to spend time together, despite the fierce competition they give each other for a fresh forage or when locating all the goodie boxes hidden around the enclosures.  These two chimps are obvious best friends and would never let anything get in between them.  Everyone here at Chimps Inc. hopes that you express how much you care about your best friends and what they mean to you.  So go ahead and give them a giant hug in honor of best friend’s day.  I know Patti and Thiele will!

– Kevin, Caregiver