Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

This Father’s Day, being away from home and unable to spend time with my actual father, I spent my afternoon observing and playing chase with our sanctuary “father”, Topo. Although he is not the biological father of any other chimps at the sanctuary, his alpha status designates him as the protector of us all. Even today, when many fathers enjoy brunch or a bar-b-que, Topo still sits tall on his tower, watching out for anything strange or unusual happening on the sanctuary grounds. What a treat for me when he came down for a greeting, poking his weathered finger out through the mesh with his signature raspberry vocalization. And then a game of chase! Looking back over his shoulder with his unique smile, full of character, he lets out a laugh to rival that of any human father celebrating today. Happy Father’s Day, Topo! And thanks for always looking out for us.

Kori, Volunteer