Help Apes This Halloween

Help Apes This Halloween

It’s that time of year again! The days are getting colder, party plans are being made, costumes are being picked out, and people are stocking up their homes on spooky decorations and candy.

Keep your Halloween fun and animal friendly this year and be sure to purchase candy that is palm oil free!

Why buy palm oil free?

Palm oil is a commonly used vegetable oil. We find it as an ingredient in many household items including food, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies. Palm oil plantations are also largely responsible for the destruction of ape habitat. Even though palm oil is capable of being grown on degraded land, it is common practice to burn down rainforest habitat to develop a palm oil plantation. Many animals, including orangutans die in these forest fires, and many more are killed by humans after they end up on palm oil plantations. During the past decade, the orangutan population has decreased by approximately 50% in the wild, largely due to the palm oil industry, and it continues to decline rapidly.


Deforestation map of Borneo

Though orangutans have been the primary great ape affected by the palm oil industry thus far, chimpanzee populations are affected as well. As the palm oil industry expands into African countries, more species are at risk.

How you can help…

By choosing to shop palm oil free, you cast a vote with your wallet, and tell companies that you are NOT okay with products that cause rainforest destruction and decimate populations of endangered species. Halloween is a great opportunity to make a statement and take a stand for apes all over the world.

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