Herbie's Hilarious Prank

Herbie’s Hilarious Prank

Laughing out loud is a rare chimp trait. Topo is one chimp who does it quite often, chuckling to himself at seemingly random times or laughing enthusiastically while playing chase with a caregiver. The only other chimp I’ve ever heard laugh this way is Herbie, and only a handful of times. One night this week, after the chimps had settled in and were enjoying some quiet time before bed, I entered the indoor Chimp House to finish up my day. I was in the room for several minutes; organizing shelves, responding to messages; when suddenly I heard a laugh explode from behind me. I spun around, thinking I was alone and Herbie threw a blanket off of his head, still laughing out loud. What I thought was a pile of blankets was Herbie the whole time. He could not contain his laughter any longer and revealed himself and immediately initiated a game of chase. I will never know if he planned to trick me or was just having some quiet time under the blankets when I walked in but either way, he has a great sense of humor!


Kaleigh R., Caregiver