Herbie's Items

Herbie’s items

Herbie loves to carry or wear many things. He loves hats, magazines and shoes. Today his item of choice was shoes. Kaleigh decorated the playhouse with all of the shoes we have. By the end of the day he had carried many of the shoes outside. When he was asked to come in for dinner, it took him awhile as he had to gather up 6 shoes to take back inside. The rest of the chimps were waiting patiently inside for dinner. He then dropped many of the shoes as he climbed through the tunnels and had to gather them all back up again before making his way inside. When we went out to clean we found one lone shoe that had fallen into the hammock. It was one of my old running shoes that I brought in for him. This particular pair have bright pinks and yellows on them. He has loved the shoes and has carried them around anytime we put them out. While I have never been a fan of the obnoxiously colored running shoes, I have now found their true purpose – for Herbie. So for anyone else who looks for the drab colored shoes, choose the bright florescent ones instead. And when you are done wearing them, donate them to Herbie. It will make his day.

Rebecca S., Caregiver