Herbie's Quiet Time

Herbie’s Quiet Time

Herbie is a chimp that appreciates his quiet time and will often sit alone inside when socializing becomes too much for him. I think we can all relate that sometimes you just need a break and want to relax by yourself. This week, Herbie found several ways to entertain himself during this alone time. He seemed to find great joy with a small key chain flashlight in a paper cup. He put the flashlight inside the cup and shook it so that it made a soft jangling noise. He put the cup in the mouth and shook his head back and forth so that the flashlight continued to jiggle and make noise. This continued for about ten minutes and there didn’t appear to be any obvious point to this game but Herbie sure seemed to be enjoying himself, whatever his intentions.

The next day, Herbie was enjoying the company of only a single tennis shoe. He didn’t play with it or try to put it on, just ate his lunch with the shoe, taking breaks to groom it, and holding it up at eye level, examining it as if he was silently reciting a sonnet to the shoe. Herbie is such as special, thoughtful chimp, and I would love to know what he was thinking or perhaps imagining during this time.


Kaleigh R., Caregiver