Hot Day = Cold Treats

We are currently in the midst of a heat wave here in Bend, Oregon.  The hot weather makes it difficult for many of the animals around the sanctuary, most notably the lynx.  Alfie and Linky both have thick coats, which are perfect during the winter months, but create challenges in the summer months, especially during 100 degree days.  To help the lynx our creative interns created “scented popcicles.”  The interns froze herbs, such as basil and thyme, inside of a popsicle.  This dual form of enrichment allows the lynx to cool down with some cold water as the icy treat melts away and allows them to smell the herb during and after they are done enjoying their treat.

The Lynx loved them!  We experimented putting one in a water bowl and also put one on the feeding mat to see how they responded.  Both methods were enjoyed by the lynx.  Its hot days like this that we have to be at our most creative to keep the animals from overheating.  Stay cool and don’t forget to relax enjoy a popsicle just like the Lynx this week.

-Kevin, Caregiver