Introducing the Great Ape Cook-Off

Introducing the Great Ape Cook-Off

One of my favorite things to do when I have some extra time during the day is to make creative, novel, and sometimes elaborate meals for the chimps. I have always loved making special meals for their birthdays and was thrilled to get the chance to make Chimpmas dinner this year. I made corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegan mac & cheese, and bought a big holiday Tofurkey roast!

When our new intern, Jen, arrived and told me that she also loves to cook vegan meals for the chimps, and had enjoyed cooking for the monkeys at the sanctuary that she worked at previously, we thought it would be fun to create a cooking challenge! Every week during her internship, we will pick an ingredient or theme and each of us will make a vegan dish for the chimps. The chimps are the judges and they are brutally honest about whether or not they like something.

The fun and challenging part about cooking for chimps is trying to make it healthy as well as delicious. Though sometimes we bring in our own specialty ingredients, most of our meals will have to be made with the produce that is donated. We are fortunate enough to have amazing community support for the sanctuary and about 60-70% of our food is donated from local grocery stores. Making a meal with whatever surprise ingredients arrive is a Food Network worthy challenge in itself.

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Be sure to check in weekly on Sundays to see what we cook up on The Great Ape Cook-Off!



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