Jackson and the Yummy Image

Oh, those lovable chimps.  The other day, caregiver Kaleigh and I were handing out the last “meal” of the day: a special, healthy offering we call treats. These tasty snacks are usually unique and creative. In the human world, we would call it dessert, but here at Chimps Inc., you won’t find any tiramisu or hot-fudge sundaes. Because obesity and diabetes can plague captive primates, we withhold giving foods that would contribute to such conditions. Instead, we partner taste with nutrition. On this particular day, treat time was comprised of seven servings of cinnamon pumpkin quinoa.

And oh, did it smell good! I took a photo of the some of the cups filled with quinoa. Kaleigh went upstairs, food tray in hand, to dole out CJ and Emma’s portions, and I sat down alongside Jackson. I turned on my camera and showed him the image I’d captured of the treats. He very slowly leaned in, carefully inspected the screen – and began making happy food grunts! He had identified the cups in the image as the very same cups of quinoa that he had just seen being prepared, and was presumably anticipating the delicious flavor from the image alone! Needless to say, caregiver Kaleigh couldn’t return soon enough!


Monica S., Executive Assistant