Jackson is Growing Up

Jackson is Growing Up

Everyone at Chimps Inc (and probably many of our Facebook followers) know Jackson as our resident mischievous teenage male. Just like a lot of human teenagers, Jackson enjoys roughhousing and stirring things up. Volunteers know that he is most likely to spit on a person and laugh about how funny their reaction is. He can also be a goofball though and loves to play chase and tug o war with anyone who will give him the time.


Jackson sometimes acts like Topo’s protege

Jackson’s mischief making is more than entertaining and mildly inconvenient. His behavior is filled with signs that he is maturing. With the other chimps, he likes to test his limits and see exactly how much they will tolerate. He sometimes displays and makes as much noise as he can, paying attention to see if anyone will stop him. He sometimes hovers over Patti while she’s eating or gives Topo a little swat to see if someone will come after him for it. On occasion he’ll throw an object at a higher ranking chimp to see if he’ll get busted for his actions. Just like in the wild, this young male chimp is trying to find his new place in the group. Baby’s are highly revered in chimpanzee society and get special treatment from all, but now that Jackson is growing up, he must determine where he fits into the chimpanzee hierarchy. When Jackson displays, Herbie displays bigger. When he smacks Topo, he’ll usually get away with it the first time, but when it becomes clear that Jackson will not leave him in peace, Topo chases him and reminds him who is in charge. This testing of limits is very important to a young chimpanzee growing up.

Fortunately for Jackson, he has found a great role model in alpha male, Topo. When Jackson is not busy trying to start trouble, or roughhousing with the other young chimps, he spends much of his time following Topo. Jackson inspects everything that Topo does sometimes mimicking his actions. On some days he is right behind Topo every minute, following his every move, grooming him. This grooming is important to Jackson’s bond with Topo. Though Jackson can sometimes test Topo’s patience, he strengthens their relationship by grooming him.

Though Jackson has had a life very different from that of wild chimpanzees he still shows that he understands chimpanzee social structure by trying to secure his place in it. What kind of role will Jackson fill in this group in the future? We can’t wait to find out and share his growth with you!


Kaleigh, Social Media Editor