Jackson Shares

I was doing behavioral training with Jackson yesterday and one of the rewards he was enjoying was juice inside of a spray bottle. When we finished up our session, I filled his mouth up with a whole bunch of extra squirts (this is customary, to help end the session on a positive note) He held the juice in his mouth, with his cheeks filled up, probably to savor the flavor for awhile. Maggie had been waiting patiently during Jackson’s entire training session but could sense it was over and came to scope out the situation. She peered into Jackson’s eyes and would not stop staring at his juice-filled mouth. She gently squeezed on his cheeks in an attempt to squirt some juice out for herself. Luckily for her, Jackson was in a generous mood and opened up his mouth to let a trickle of juice fall into her lips. Because he was so surprisingly generous, I gave him a few more squirts of juice. What did he do? Share with Maggie again.

-Allie Morgan, Caregiver