"Jackson Style"

Jackson Style

You may have ordered a burger “Animal Style” but I’m here to tell you about “Jackson Style”. Jackson makes the same modifications to many of the food that he eats. Each morning, he refuses to take his gummy vitamins individually and insists that they be handed to him all at once in a dixie cup. When he gets his cup of vitamins, he fills the cup with water and waits until his concoction is nice and soggy. When given his daily primate chow nutritional biscuits, Jackson always looks around for a cup and a bottle of water to help soften them up before he eats what is now mush in a cup. Last night at evening treat time, each of the chimps received a cup of “primate chow berry pie” made with love by one of our volunteers. All of the chimps were excited to receive this treat. Before even tasting his portion, Jackson added water to his cup of pie then swiftly took off to his hammock to eat in peace. I doubt ordering food “Jackson Style” will catch on, but I am glad that this chimp knows what he likes and makes it happen!


Kaleigh R., Caregiver