Jackson's Big Project

Jackson’s Big Project

I’ve written previously about Jackson’s fondness for dipping his primate chow biscuits in water to soften them up before he eats them. (Read more about this here!) This week though, Jackson took it to a whole new level. We set out kiddie pools full of hay and dried fruit for the chimps to forage through. While training intern Casey how to give the chimps their daily primate chow biscuits I noticed Jackson sitting by himself, on the ground, digging through the pool. He was the only chimps in the enclosure at the time and seemed very determined to get every last piece of dried fruit hidden in the pool. When he saw us coming up to him with chow, Jackson began quickly pulling all of the hay out of the pool and began pouring all of the water bottles that he could find in the pool. Once he received all of his primate chow biscuits he turned around and returned to his project. After feeding the rest of the chimps, we again passed Jackson, who was hard at work, focusing on mixing his biscuits with water in the kiddie pool. Perhaps Jackson just resorted to this out of a lack of a cup with an opening large enough to fit his chow biscuits, or perhaps he was just thinking big. Either way, it is amazing to witness the forethought and determination that these chimps often display.


-Kaleigh, Caregiver/Social Media Editor