In Memory of Kimie

December 28, 1988 - January 6, 2011


Kimie was born on December 28, 1988 at a breeding facility in Florida.  She was merely an infant when she was pulled from her mother and sold to a private owner at Federal Way’s Enchantment Parks.  From what we know of her past, Kimie spent the first four years of her life performing for birthday parties and corporate functions.  In 1992, the park closed its wildlife exhibit and Kimie was forced to leave.  We do not know what happened to Kimie over the next six years, but in 1998 she and a male chimpanzee named Herbie were found in a small, dingy cage made of chicken wire and wood scraps in the backyard of a foreclosed home in Lebanon, Oregon.  This prompted an emergency rescue of both chimpanzees and a placement at Chimps Inc.

Kimie was an intelligent and affectionate chimp who loved oatmeal, taking naps in the sun, and playing chase with her chimp and human friends.  She demonstrated altruistic qualities through her willingness to share food and blankets with the other chimps without expecting anything in return, and her nurturing nature was evident in the way she diligently cared for Jackson and Emma or offered warm embraces to her fellow chimps in times of excitement or anxiety.  Like many chimpanzees raised by humans, Kimie had a fondness for human-like enrichment, and was often seen wearing her favorite yellow parka, carrying an old cellphone, or strutting around with a stuffed animal chimp strapped around her waist.

Kimie passed away suddenly on January 6, 2011 from unexpected complications related to heart disease, the number one cause of premature death in captive apes.  Though we continue to mourn her loss, we are so grateful that she was able to spend the second half of her life in a safe, enriching environment where she was loved endlessly by everyone who knew her.  Regardless of how much time passes, she will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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