Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa

If Jackson could write a letter to Santa, it might go something like this……

Dear Santa,

Well hello there, Mr. Claus. My name is Jackson but you can call me Jackson “Brown,” if you so wish. My letter to you is important because I think you have me misunderstood. Word on the streets says that I am ornery and mischievous, that I taunt and tease my older friends, Patti and Topo. They say that I’m irksome, troublesome, cantankerous, and even ill-mannered at times. Well sir, I better set you straight. Yes, indeed, I can be all of those things but please know that it is perfectly normal for a guy like me.

You see, I am a male chimpanzee. Not just any male chimpanzee but one that is fully immersed in the prime of my adolescence. It is my biological nature to cause a ruckus and as you may have heard, I’m pretty good at doing so. I am the perfect example of why chimpanzees do not make good pets.  I desire all of the movements and behaviors of a wild chimpanzee my age; instead of running through forests and shaking down trees, I run around the sanctuary and swing from all that supports the grasp of my agile, limber limbs. It is my full time job to keep the older ones on their toes.

So, now that everyone in the North Pole knows how good I’ve been, for as good as I can be, I hope to find the following goodies underneath my Christmas tree:  

-Stuffed animals: I like the plush kind with real loose limbs that fit perfectly in the crook of my leg.

-Silly glasses: I am easily entertained by trying on various styles.

-Slippers: I like to put them on my feet sometimes and walk around the Play House.

-Nuts like macademia, walnuts and hazelnuts.

-Sponges and stringed mop-heads

-Natural oil extracts: caregivers use them to make things smell nice for us

-DVD movies that are colorful and animated

Well, that should do it for now, Mr. Santa. 

With Love,

Mr. Jackson “Brown”