Like Us: Chimpanzee Personalities

Like Us: Chimpanzee Personalities

This year, research from Georgia State University determined that chimpanzees have similar personality traits to humans and that they are structured almost identically. Researchers used questionnaires to access a chimpanzee’s personality and rated them on traits such as dominance, playfulness, timidness, and impulsiveness.  The chimps were found to have a similar neurological precedent for these personality traits as humans and similar neuro-chemicals were present. The research shows that the similarity in personality traits stems from our close evolutionary history and thus, similar brain structure.

Here at Chimps Inc, it is obvious that chimps have different personalities and they often seem so human. Topo is like a stern grandfather who keeps the kids in line, but still knows how to have fun and enjoy life. Though Patti enjoys her quiet time, she is maternal towards the other chimps and is always their when her friends need her. Herbie may be socially awkward and get frustrated, but he can also be kind and seen grooming with Thiele, who prefers the company of chimps to humans and is always ready to speak her mind. CJ is high spirited, loyal to her friends and so smart you can almost see the gears turning in her head. Jackson reminds us all of a typical thirteen year old boy, full of energy and always looking for a laugh. Emma is sweet, but perceptive and tries to keep the peace and make everyone in her group happy.

Working with these chimps every day gives caregivers, volunteers, and interns and opportunity to get to know them as the beautiful individuals that they are. For those supporters who don’t have the same opportunity to spend time with the chimps, we’ve put together a fun personality quiz to determine which Chimps Inc resident you share a similar personality with. Are you mellow like Patti or outgoing like Jackson? Or perhaps you’re not a chimp at all but more like an independent, stealthy lynx!

Find out here!

Our quiz is just for fun but click here to learn more about the Georgia State University research on chimpanzee personalities, which inspired this quiz.