In memory of Linky


It is with great sadness that we share that Linky, our last Lynx family member, has passed on.

Linky was tired and had little interest in eating and looked very uncomfortable lately. As the last of our two lynxes, we were not surprised that he wasn’t feeling well, after all he was almost 20 and was showing his age as of late.

Unfortunately, this particular morning Linky’s condition worsened and we called the vet to see what could be done to help Mr. Linky.  After a heartbreaking morning, the decision was made, with Linky’s veterinary team, to let him go. One by one, his human friends lined up to say good-bye, wishing him luck on his next journey. And, as always, we silently promised to do everything we can to protect all remaining wildlife on our beautiful planet.

A memorial from a loving friend of Linky’s.

There was a grey cloud in the sky covering the enclosure where Linky had called his home for the last eight years. This afternoon we all had to say our tearful goodbyes to our little man Linky.

Thanks to the wonderful care he received from Lesley Day , the staff and  volunteers, he lived a wonderful and happy life in his spacious enclosure to the grand old age of nineteen.

I always felt very privilege to make his breakfast and stop by and have him enjoy it to the fullest. In the summer time I would sometimes have a hard time finding him, since his coat would blend in with all the shrubs, trees and grass. Every so often I could feel his eyes on me, but of course he couldn’t wave and say “here I am”. When I did find him I could tell he wanted to say “what took you so long”!

I’ll miss our little get together and his presence every morning.  His passing after all these years leaves us saddened, but we are grateful to have had him in our lives for so many years. He’ll always be remembered, and we will keep the memories of him alive in our hearts.  ~Karen Tepner, Volunteer team member

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